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Election results at a glance

Declared seats for each political party
Summary information about political parties
Name Previous
Seats won Gain Loss Net loss/gain
Conservative 29 19   10 -10
Green Party          
Independent 1 10 9   9
Labour 7 11 5 1 4
Liberal Democrats 5 3   2 -2
Plaid Cymru 1     1 -1
Summary information about wards
Ward Status Candidate elected Percentage
Caerwent Con Hold MURPHY Philip   68.0%
Caldicot Castle Lab Gain from PC WATTS Pauline Anne 49.2%
Cantref Con Hold JORDAN Paul   56.8%
Castle Con Hold POWELL Maureen   59.7%
Croesonen Lab Hold HARRIS Roger George 82.0%
Crucorney Ind Gain from Con JONES David Wynne Hughes 62.0%
Devauden Con Hold GREENLAND Bob   69.6%
Dewstow Lab Hold EASSON Tony   51.8%
Dixton with Osbaston Ind Gain from Con HAYWARD Bob   55.3%
Drybridge Ind Gain from Con WINTLE Alan   30.1%
Goetre Fawr Con Hold - Uncontested JONES Brian    
Green Lane Ind Gain from Lab MARSHALL John Ian 46.7%
Grofield Lib Dem Hold EDWARDS Douglas Lloyd 52.8%
Lansdown Lab Gain from Lib Dem GEORGE James   80.0%
Larkfield Lib Dem Hold HOBSON Phil   40.7%
Llanbadoc Ind Gain from Con SMITH Val   75.6%
Llanelly Hill Ind, Con Hold HOWARTH Simon George Mark 40.5%
HOWARD Giles   25.5%
Llanfoist Fawr Con Hold HICKMAN Martin   60.9%
Llangybi Fawr Con Hold - Uncontested CLARKE Peter Raymond  
Llanover Con Hold JONES Sara   65.9%
Llantillo Crossenny Con Hold - Uncontested EDWARDS Ruth    
Llanwenarth Ultra Lab Hold WILLIAMS Kevin Glyn 65.8%
Mardy Ind Gain from Con CHAPMAN Ralph Frederick 46.6%
Mill Ind Gain from Con TAYLOR Frances   39.4%
Mitchel Troy Con Hold - Uncontested BURROWS Geoffrey Clive  
Overmonnow Con Hold WHITE Sue   43.2%
Portskewett Con Hold FOX Peter   19.6%
Priory Con Hold PROSSER John   42.6%
Raglan Con Hold JONES Penny   39.1%
Rogiet Lib Dem Hold GUPPY Linda   44.7%
Severn Lab Hold HIGGINSON Jim   73.6%
Shirenewton Ind Gain from Con DOWN Graham Lindsay 49.0%
St Arvans Con Hold - Uncontested WEBB Ann Elizabeth  
St Christopher's Lab Gain from Con BATROUNI Dimitri   65.3%
St Kingsmark Con Hold DOVEY David   62.2%
St Mary's Lab Gain from Lib Dem FARLEY Peter Stuart 35.6%
The Elms Lab Gain from Con CROOK Jessica Emily 40.2%
Thornwell Lab Hold WATTS Armand   64.5%
Trellech United Ind Gain from Con BLAKEBROUGH Debby   57.7%
Usk Con Hold - Uncontested STRONG Brian    
West End Lab Hold EVANS Dave   65.7%
Wyesham Con Hold HACKET PAIN Liz   39.1%